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BU officials deny student claims of mice in GSU

While some Boston University students said they have seen mice run through the George Sherman Union, BU officials denied the allegation that the GSU has a rodent problem.

“When mice or other rodents are noticed, we are quick to respond,” said Senior Vice President for Operations Gary Nicksa. “I’m not aware of any current problem, but it would not surprise me if we do have mice on campus since it [Boston] is a city.”

Nicksa said Facilities Management and Planning officials are prepared for and aware of any potential problems or rodent infestations if they arise.

“We do have a preventative program — we constantly monitor and intrigue rodents, but it comes with living in the city,” he said. “Nothing has come to my attention.”

However, Emma Leighton, a College of Arts and Sciences sophomore, said she saw a mouse Sunday night while eating dinner at the GSU.

“While mice are a natural thing to have around food places like restaurants, it’s gross to have them inside,” Leighton said. “I’ve never felt otherwise uncomfortable or grossed out by the food I’m eating at BU Dining Services, though.”

Emily Chau, a CAS senior, said she has seen mice under booth tables near the City Convenience located within the GSU.

“My friend and I were studying for our midterm in one of the booths next to City Convenience, and she felt something scurry across her foot,” she said in an email. “I looked under the table to see, and saw what I’m assuming was the tail whip around once and disappear.”

Michelle Kwon, a School of Hospitality Administration sophomore, said she saw a mouse near the Academy Room in the GSU while she was with a friend.

“With the mouse running around the tables, there is no guarantee that there are no mice in the kitchens of GSU,” she said in an email. “It makes me feel uncomfortable because the mice may be in the kitchen where they make the food that the other students and I eat.”

Kwon said BU Dining Services and Facilities should make removing mice a priority in the coming weeks.

“That [the mouse problem] affects every single one of the students and other guests who come to eat at the GSU,” she said. “I want BU to not just be known to have good food, but to also be known as a sanitary school that ensures top quality in foods not just with taste, but also with cleanliness.”

BU Spokesperson Colin Riley said BU has a system in place in case situations with rodents arise.

“The university has a pest control contractor that responds quickly to calls and does regular checks around campus facilities, including residences and dining halls,” he said in an email. “I checked with our contractor and can assure you there is no infestation.”

In order to help prevent a rodent infestation, Riley said BU students should close trash receptacles and ensure trash and food waste are properly deposited in appropriate receptacles.

After seeing a mouse, Leighton said she would take extra precaution when eating around campus in the future.

“It’s not as if I’m uncomfortable eating in the GSU anytime soon,” she said. “But I’ll definitely double check where I’m sitting and what I’m eating.”

Margaret Waterman contributed to the reporting of this article.

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