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College of Engineering graduate Eric Munsell reported missing

2012 College of Engineering graduate Eric Munsell has been reported missing since Saturday night when he was last seen in the downtown area of Boston/PHOTO COURTESY OF BOSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT
2012 College of Engineering graduate Eric Munsell has been reported missing since Saturday night when he was last seen in the downtown area of Boston/PHOTO COURTESY OF BOSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT

Boston University alumnus Eric Munsell, who graduated from BU’s College of Engineering in 2012, was reported missing Sunday, prompting an investigation by the Boston Police Department.

Munsell is a white male, is 6-foot-1, weighs about 180 pounds and has a scar on his left cheek. He was last seen wearing a blue-checkered shirt and blue jeans when he went missing Saturday night at 11:30 p.m., police said.

He was last seen celebrating his birthday at Market Lounge, a bar in the Financial District located at 21 Broad St., with co-workers and fellow alumni, said Munsell’s co-worker Jeffrey Prescott.

“Sunday morning we figured that he was just either out, finding his way home or that he would show up sometime,” Prescott, who organized the “Missing Person — Eric Munsell” Facebook page, said. “But when it got to Sunday night around dinnertime we started to get seriously concerned.”

Prescott said he did not think Munsell disappeared intentionally.

Members of Munsell’s family arrived in Boston last night and this morning to help BU alumni and co-workers search for Munsell, Prescott said. Those close to the missing alum are searching for him on foot and passing out posters near where he disappeared.

The search party is also working with BPD detectives and officers, who are reviewing security footage to determine which direction Munsell might have taken after leaving Market Lounge, Prescott said.

He said the BPD has no information on where Munsell may have gone, but has located his jacket, which he left at Market Lounge.

“This is completely unlike him,” Prescott said. “He’s a very responsible and very likable and honest guy.”

Munsell lives in the North End, about 10 minutes from where he was last seen, Prescott said.

“We’ve checked all paths to get from point A to point B, and we’re trying to exhaust all possibilities,” he said.

A bouncer removed Munsell from Market Lounge after he tripped and fell on his way to the bathroom, Prescott said.

“I believe that he had been drinking, but I don’t believe that he was unruly, and just speaking from what I’ve heard, I don’t believe he was at the point that he should’ve been removed,” he said. “That’s not necessarily Eric.”

Munsell is known to walk or run home when within a mile of his residence, Prescott said.

“He’s not one to take public transportation or a cab,” he said. “We were thinking that in the icy conditions, walking near the water or walking somewhere, he may have slipped and fallen.”

Prescott said he and Munsell’s family members and friends have no indication that he would have been abducted. He would expect a hospital to have contacted Munsell’s family if Munsell had been injured, he said.

“We’re concerned that possibly at some urgent care facility, not necessarily a hospital, they could still be searching through the paperwork to identify him if he didn’t have identification on him,” Prescott said.

The “Missing Person – Eric Munsell” Facebook page, created on Sunday, currently has over 900 likes.

Munsell works with Prescott at General Electric as an aviation engineer.

Anyone who sees Munsell or has any information about his disappearance has been asked to contact the Boston Police Department.


  1. Why are young vibrant college aged males going missing and them found dead usually in water, and nothing done about it. There is something very sinister here and I just don’t buy that they all….oops fell in water and drowned!!! And….end of investigation….ANOTHER tragic accident. NO!, WAKE UP BPS and start connecting the dots!!!

    • cathy honey your on the money the same case with eugene losik engineer at the same plant…. g e i spoke about this to the tipster has to be a act of terroism …………………..there always finding the bodys near the marriot hotel on the water front i spoke about this to the police.

      • William Hurley 10/09 Bruins game missing, drowned Boston,- called gf to pick up vanished within mins before her arrival
        Eugene Losik 2/10, out 4 a smoke, missing, drowned, Boston,
        Jonathan Dailey 10/12 missing, drowned,
        Sunil Tripathi 4/13 missing drowned, Providence,
        Franco Garcia 4/12 missing drowned BC student
        All young all males all missing and found in water

  2. Praying for his safe return.

  3. Why isn’t the bouncer being questioned? Who throws someone intoxicated out on the street all by himself. Why didn’t the bouncr tell his friends. The bar is steps away from water. Answers needed by club owner and bouncer. These bouncers can sometimes think they are all big and bad… and can ask like a toughass..whereas they should have used the half a brain they have and called him a cab or the police. Club iis liable!

  4. I agree with Cathy . This sounds very similar to an incident that happened within the past few years. I think it was a 20 some year old from Lawrence that disappeared. The location that the news has reported the last ping from his phone was, is the same area where the Lawrence man disappeared.
    Hope they find him safe. But makes you wonder.

  5. All restaurateurs should be required to have training on how to treat the patrons they help intoxicate. It should be called the Eric Munsell Bill. His friends should have been alerted and he should never have been thrown out in a possibly inebriated state into freezing temperatures without being permitted to retrieve his coat. Cut him off from further alcohol sales, give him a cup of coffee, let his friends drive him home, but don’t throw him to the wolves. Otherwise, Friends don’t let friends party in Boston, or even Massachusetts!