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Jailed students receive updated probation from BU after release

Four Boston University students arrested Feb. 25 on charges of violating probation and keeping a disorderly house were released from jail after their arraignment at Brighton District Court Friday, and now face new restrictions from BU administration.

College of General Studies sophomore Sawyer Petrick, CGS sophomore John Pavia, College of Fine Arts and College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Michael Oldcorn, and CAS senior Terry Bartrug were taken to Nashua Street Jail Tuesday for violating probation terms by housing a gathering on Jan. 26 of approximately 150 to 200 people at their 85 Linden St. home where authorities believe underage drinking occurred.

“They were released on personal recognizance Friday,” said Attorney David Yannetti, who is defending Bartrug, Petrick and Pavia. “… They were put into custody on Tuesday afternoon, and they spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in jail.”

The four students are all members of BU’s chapter of the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau, which was suspended by Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore Thursday after officials said they received complaints about the Jan. 26 gathering.

Yannetti said he advocated for the students’ release from jail at the Friday arraignment.

“We asked the judge to reconsider his revocation of their bail because what he did is he revoked bail on the first case,” he said. “That’s why they went into custody. So we asked the judge to reconsider that and not revoke their bail, and he agreed with us.”

The students were released, although Brighton District Court Judge David Donnelly tightened their probation terms in comparison to those set following an earlier incident, BU spokesman Colin Riley confirmed.

In addition to curfew hours that forbid the students from having guests between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. Friday and Saturday, the students are required to complete 40 hours of community service before they may leave Boston for more than one day and must submit to random drug testing, Riley confirmed.

The students were on probation as a result of another incident on Sept. 21 in which police discovered evidence of underage drinking and marijuana use as well as over 200 guests at their house on 85 Linden St. Probation terms forbade them from having guests.

Elmore said ZBT’s suspension is an interim measure pending the outcome of investigations by BU’s Interfraternity Council and the Dean of Students’ Office of Judicial Affairs. Until officials reach a conclusion, members of ZBT are barred from making use of university resources or conduct business through their affiliation with BU.

Members of ZBT were not able to be reached for comment.

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