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Week of Spirit to foster school pride among BU students

A campus-wide Boston University Week of Spirit will be held March 24 through March 28 in an effort to unify the student body and create a greater sense of school spirit.

College of General Studies Student Government President Austin Kruger, a sophomore in CGS, and School of Management senior Jeremy Lowe collaborated with the BU Student Government, the Dean of Students Office and other student activity groups to organize the spirit week.

“We don’t have a football team, we don’t have homecoming, we don’t have things like that,” Lowe said. “Hopefully we can create a tradition. The first year is going to be a trial.”

Spirit Week begins Monday, March 24 with a kickoff for SG election season and ends the evening of Friday, March 28 when Mr. and Ms. BU will be announced. The week will also feature a housing carnival hosted by the Residence Hall Association, a pep rally and a street art exhibition.

“Our goal is to highlight the many aspects of our community in a unique and fun way,” Kruger said. “It’s time for us to have more pride for our school, more pride for what BU stands for and more pride for being a Terrier.”

Assistant to the Dean of Students Katherine Cornetta said Spirit Week would benefit the BU community.

“This week of spirit is a very good collaboration between a number of different of student groups, which the Dean of Students really likes to see,” she said.

Kruger said while Spirit Week is essentially an expansion of the Mr. and Ms. BU ceremony, he hoped the event would strengthen both the program and school spirit as a whole.

“It has always been my goal, not just as President of CGS Student Government but as a student, to help foster community around campus in an innovative way which would really interest students,” he said. “[Spirit Week] helps create a stronger, more unified community at BU.”

BU SG Executive Vice President Richa Kaul also said the week of spirit could be a crucial step towards creating more unified student body.

“From a Student Government standpoint, BU’s Week of Spirit is a step toward a more unified campus,” she said. “It is a way for us to see and appreciate the work of our peers and all that our school has to offer, and it’s a time to celebrate being a Terrier.”

All nine colleges within BU are involved in the Spirit Week, as well as several student governments, organizations and athletic associations.
Cornetta said she appreciated the fact that Spirit Week is student-led and organized.

“When it comes to events that work to unite the campus, members of the administration look to students to set the tone about what they would like to see,” she said. “It’s great to see students working together on projects like this spirit week, because it’s that working together that creates a stronger sense of school spirit.”

Kruger and Lowe said event organizers have been planning spirit week for over five months.

“I know what community looks like, and I knew that BU was struggling to have one,” Kruger said. “It’s going to be a really huge week of events.”

Those who organized the Week of Spirit said they hoped it would become an annual event. Organizers said in the future, they aim for next year’s spirit week to take place in the fall and coincide with the first hockey game of the season.

“There are a lot of people who go to a lot of events,” Lowe said. “Our goal is to create events that will get people who are not as involved get involved on a greater level at the university.”

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