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CITY CRIME LOGS: March 11 to March 18

The following crime reports were taken from the Allston- Brighton D-14 crime logs from March 11 to March 18.

Suspect removes donation container from store

At 3:16 a.m. on Wednesday, officers arrived at 1232 Commonwealth Ave. for a property damage call. Upon arrival, officers found the glass door shattered by a rock and a 3×5-inch donation box for the ASAT Education Center containing $50.00 stolen from the counter. No money was taken from the cash register and gift cards were left on the floor. Detectives will further investigate the incident.

Suspect tries to flee after passing fraudulent check 

On Wednesday, police were called to Commerce Bank on 423 Washington St. The branch manager said that a teller had been verifying the suspect’s check and found it missing identifying symbols and logos. A call to the owner of the check confirmed that someone had forged the check. When being questioned by the officers, the suspect appeared agitated and tried to leave the bank. Officers restrained and arrested the suspect for forgery, larceny by check and uttering.

Money and personal papers taken from apartment

A reported breaking and entering brought officers to 146 Chiswick Road Wednesday night. The victim said that upon arriving home, he found the front door deadbolt locked. He went around the back of the apartment and found the door unlocked and one window open. The victim reported cash, credit cards, personal papers and a watch missing.

Suspect enters through unlocked door and robs

About 5:50 p.m. on Saturday, officers arrived at 200 Corey Rd. for a breaking and entering report. The victim told officers that the suspect removed $1,200 from his apartment. Officers did not find signs of forced entry and believe that the victim might have left the door unlocked.

Victim threatened and attacked at pub

Officers received a report of an assault at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday. As he was exiting the restroom at the Bus Stop Pub at 252 Western Ave., the victim came into contact with the suspect standing in the doorway. The suspect threatened him before repeatedly punching and kneeing him in the groin. A bartender and patron ended the fight. Afterward, the victim went to the hospital to receive treatment. The victim said he knew the suspect. Detectives will further investigate the incident.


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