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Top 6 Campus Bites

Welcome to Boston University, Class of 2018! I’m sure most of you have taken a tour of BU’s campus, but let’s be real here: You weren’t paying attention and the only thing that really matters is where you can get delivery at 2 a.m. So let me give you the only tour you’ll ever need: The foodie tour of the BU campus.

There are unique dining options to satisfy any craving on and around Boston University's Charles River Campus. GRAPHIC BY MIKE DESOCIO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF
There are unique dining options to satisfy any craving on and around Boston University’s Charles River Campus. GRAPHIC BY MIKE DESOCIO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Pavement Coffeehouse

736 Commonwealth Ave. (Central Campus)

Perfect for: Bagel sandwiches, your caffeine fix, studying (if it’s not too busy)

Pavement is my go-to study spot. During finals season, I wake up early, pack my books and head over to Pavement for a latte and a Tequila Sunrise — not the drink, the sandwich. Pavement’s Tequila Sunrise is your choice of bagel with egg, bacon, tomato, red onion and jalapeño cream cheese. But when I need to cram, I need to spend an entire day in the same place and Pavement’s got me covered. For lunch I can order one of Pavement’s mind-blowing sandwiches, from the hearty Nonna’s Lunch (think of an eggplant parm going through its college years) to the veggie-friendly Pastoral. Pavement is beyond vegetarian friendly, but us meat eaters can still nom on one of the fantastic turkey sandwiches like my personal favorite, The Beet Down (beets, turkey, green apple). At the end of the day, celebrate with a Spanish latte, which is made with sweetened condensed milk, kind of like dulce de leche. It tastes exactly like coffee ice cream, and it’s probably not good for you, but whatever.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen

506 Park Dr. (South Campus)

Perfect for: Date night, picnic lunch on the COM lawn

I have a crush on Mei Mei. Everything on the menu blows my mind, from the sophisticated curries to the sloppy tacos to the noodle dishes. But Mei Mei acquired fame and recognition for the Double Awesome, also known as the perfect egg sandwich. First, a crispy scallion pancake is topped with a slab of local-aged cheddar, pesto and slow-poached-then-fried eggs which is then folded over and — if you’re doing it right — dipped in the house spicy ketchup. Mei Mei also creates new and different scallion pancake sandwiches which come and go throughout the year. Catch Mei Mei’s food cart when it’s near Alfred L. Morse Auditorium or trek to the restaurant in South Campus.

Teriyaki House

1110 Boylston St. (Hynes Convention Center T-stop)

Perfect for: Late-night delivery, pit stops on Saturday nights, and oh, that udon…

Teriyaki House knows what college students want: A clean, well-lighted place where twentysomethings can slurp down ramen and eat sushi with their hands at odd hours. The menu is extensive, every dish is decent and there are certain gems that keep me going back. The chicken teriyaki udon, with its bright and crunchy veggies swimming in a fragrant, sweet broth, is covered with mounds of crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside teriyaki chicken. The lobster rangoon, a local twist on an American-Chinese classic, are easy to pop on the go. Wash it all down with a passion fruit bubble tea and you’re ready for your night to continue. Teriyaki House also delivers late to all BU residences if you’re afraid of the outdoors.

Tasty Burger

1301 Boylston St. (Fenway)

Perfect for: Dinner before the game, late night burger cravings, takeout

Tasty Burger is my favorite fast food burger near campus. UBurger may have fried jalapeños and Boston Burger Company may put macaroni and cheese on the bun. But in terms of a no-frills, just-the-good-stuff burger, you can’t go wrong with Tasty. The burger stand is located right in the heart of the Fenway area, and when you’re looking for that classic cheeseburger, Tasty helps you believe in fast food again. The Gorgonzola Burger drips with blue cheese and induces a heart attack in the best possible way, and the Kahuna Burger whisks you off to somewhere tropical with pineapple and red onion. But you can’t beat the classic: The Big Tasty is that 1950s cheeseburger you dream about, and it tastes great with a Green Monster milkshake.

Super 88 Market

1 Brighton Ave. (West Campus)

Perfect for: Takeout, cheap grocery shopping, getting your pho on

Super 88, an Asian food court and market in West Campus, has mastered the art of the cheap eat. Inside its doors rest a handful of street food vendors, including a Vietnamese restaurant and a boba stand. The $3.50 Bánh mì at Pho Viet is a revelation: a crunchy baguette slathered in tangy gravy with pork, paper-thin jalapenos and pickled veggies. Yes, please! Not to mention, the boba at Lollicup refreshes like no other on hot September days. Go back behind the food court and you’ll find the supermarket – skip the overpriced vegetables at Shaw’s, and get your produce here. Not to mention, if you’re looking for dishware, Super 88 sells cute, inexpensive cups and plates along with Asian candies, ramen and other dorm necessities. Finish your trip at the sit-down Japanese restaurant Pikaichi next to the supermarket. This hole-in-the-wall ramen joint has some of the best service imaginable and a mean bowl of soup. The citrusy Yuzu Shio is only outdone by the crazy-spicy Jigoku — if you can handle the heat.

Lone Star Taco Bar

479 Cambridge St. (Allston/Brighton)

Perfect for: Brunch, tacos, drinks (when you’re of age, young scallions/scallywags)

When you’re really craving something tasty, trek into Allston for the best taco ever. Why is it the best taco ever? Because every detail is perfect. Lone Star Taco Bar makes tacos for every persuasion — the Tex-Mexers (the Dallas Spicy Beef rocks longhorn cheese and mushrooms on a fried tortilla), the vegetarians (say hello to the grilled avocado with griddled queso, the sole veggie-only taco I have ever craved), the purists (the carnitas taco sticks to the basics: pork, cilantro, salsa and cheese) and the adventurers (the chorizo taco has mint and pickled radish, a surprising combination that works out beautifully). Brunch is served with huevos rancheros and moronga, and don’t forget the hot and spicy homemade queso, the griddled street corn or homemade guacamole on the side. All the tacos are $4, which is cheap considering the quality.

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