Boston makes short list to host 2024 Olympics

Following the Tuesday meeting where the United States Olympic Committee announced that they completed an official short list of cities to host the 2024 Summer Olympics but declined to name them, an anonymous source told the Associated Press Friday that Boston is one of four cities still under consideration for the U.S. host bid.

The other three host candidates, according to the source, are Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, meaning San Diego and Dallas, the other two U.S. cities pursuing a bid, were eliminated. The anonymous source has been aware of the USOC’s process but is not allowed to speak publicly about the information.

The USOC’s deadline for determining whether or not they will submit a U.S. bid is next year, and the International Olympic Committee will announce the 2024 host in 2017.

A formal announcement from the USOC regarding the four U.S. candidates has not yet been made.

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