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Harvard buildings investigated after report of three bombs on campus

Several Harvard University buildings were evacuated Saturday following a phone call from a man who claimed he was armed and had placed three bombs on Harvard’s campus. The buildings have since been reopened, and law enforcement officials of the Harvard University Police Department, Cambridge Police Department and Cambridge Fire Department have cleared the areas where he claimed to have planted explosives.

“While officials responded immediately and no indication was found to substantiate the threat, the buildings were evacuated out of an abundance of caution,” Harvard officials wrote on their website. “Harvard and Cambridge authorities are continuing to investigate the source of the phone call.”

The unidentified male who called CPD at 9:35 a.m. Saturday claimed there were three suspicious packages at Prescott Street, the Harvard Science Center and Harvard Yard.

“We only had one location in which we did determine there was a package, but it was a manmade, nonthreatening package that we clearly removed from the property,” said CPD spokesman Jeremy Warnick.

Reports also surfaced of a man armed with an assault rifle at the Harvard Science Center, though they have not been confirmed.

“A sweep of the area did not find anyone that fit that description,” Warnick said.

The CPD is investigating the case to determine who reported the suspicious packages on Harvard’s campus, Warnick said.  They are also reviewing posts on Twitter from an individual who claimed to be responsible for Saturday’s incident.

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