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A letter from the editor: Kyle Plantz

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve made it to the inside pages of The Free Press, and I thank you for getting this far! As I’m sure you know (or at least I hope you do), The Daily Free Press has undergone several changes over the past few months.

We announced our decision on May 5 to become a digital-first news publication with a weekly print edition. Our website, DailyFreePress.com (which I encourage you all to check out after reading this), has been completely redesigned and we hope our readers, including staff, faculty, administrators, students, parents, alumni and anyone else who is interested in the Boston University community, view the revamped site as a gathering place for us all to connect. Our weekly print edition, known as The Free Press, will contain all of the best work from our editors and staff. I hope you will pick up a copy each week and peruse the paper to see what big issues are being discussed and to learn a little bit more about your campus community. If not for that, I promise to try and keep the crossword puzzle in the paper each week.

One of my goals during my term as editor-in-chief is to return to our campus roots, delivering the news that matters to the BU community. We want to cover the stories that you find interesting and on topics that you want to hear about. In order to do that, we all need to communicate with one another. If there’s something happening on campus that you think we should cover, let us know. We are always looking for new stories to report on and we can’t do it without you, our readers. You can find all the contact information for our editors on our website at www.dailyfreepress.com.

Do you have something to say about the work we create? Reach out to us! We want to hear your thoughts on how to improve our website and how to improve our reporting. You can send “Letters to the Editor” by emailing [email protected] or you can email me directly at [email protected]. This is a two-way street and I hope to meet you all halfway to deliver the best content we can on the issues that matter to our audience.

You can also submit calendar events for our new Community Calendar on our website. Is there an interesting forum and discussion that you want people to attend? Or maybe your student band is playing in Allston. We want our website to be a place for our readers to look to for information. So send us your listings and we will publish your event on our site for free! You can learn more about our calendar by going to our website and clicking “Calendar.”

Now I hope this word wasn’t too dull for you. Like I said before, we appreciate your continued support as we make our transition this semester. We always want to hear from our readers and I hope you will take me up on that offer. If you see me around campus, stop and say hi. We are students first and foremost so we do have lives outside of this office (although sometimes it seems that we don’t…as I sit here and write this at 3:40 a.m. before deadline).

On behalf of all the editors and staff at The Daily Free Press, thanks again for picking up our paper and we will strive to continue delivering relevant, timely news to you all.

Kyle Plantz
Fall 2014 Editor-in-Chief

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