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OP-ED: Let your voice be heard, spread the word, vote Super Tuesday

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Friends, Neighbors and Constituents:

I am a lifelong Democrat and lifelong Boston resident. I attended high school in a neighboring town, and later graduated from Boston University and the London School of Economics. We live in a highly diverse and prominent district, and I am writing to remind voters in Belmont, Watertown, Brighton, Allston, Back Bay and Fenway to come out and vote on Tuesday, March 1 in the presidential primary election.

Now as we turn to this election year, the stakes could not be greater for our nation and our local communities. I urge voters to take a hard look at all of the candidates running for U.S. President and the U.S. Congress, and down ballot races. These are critical times for our community, state and nation. At a time when we continue to hear about the deadlock that permeates Washington D.C., we remember that all politics are local and that we need strong local leaders to unite us.

At a very young age, my parents taught me the importance of civic service and the need to be vocal about the values and principles that we cherish, including equal pay and transparency, social security for our seniors and quality healthcare and education for all. My involvement with City Year, Habitat for Humanity and the Harvard School of Public Health’s President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program treating patients suffering from HIV/AIDs in Africa has taught me the importance of putting people first.

I urge all registered voters in the district to make your voice heard by voting next month in the presidential primary.

David Kazis, [email protected]

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