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Hillary Clinton opens six new offices in Massachusetts

2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opened six new campaign headquarters in Massachusetts on Saturday. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS
2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opened six new campaign headquarters in Massachusetts on Saturday. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS

Hillary for Massachusetts, the 2016 presidential campaign for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, opened six organizing offices throughout the commonwealth Saturday.

According to a Feb. 17 press release, Clinton’s campaign volunteers and supporters will utilize the new offices to talk to local voters before the March 1 Democratic primary.

Hillary for Massachusetts’ offices opened offices in Boston, Springfield, Holyoke, Pittsfield, New Bedford and Worcester, the release stated. At each office opening, volunteers and supporters were encouraged to sign a “Commit to Vote” card to pledge their support for Clinton in the upcoming Massachusetts primary.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, who endorsed Clinton in 2015, said in a statement that he is honored to support Clinton because she is receptive and compassionate of individuals’ diverse backgrounds.

“I am proud to support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States,” Walsh said in the statement. “Hillary understands how to work with people from all backgrounds to advocate and support the most vulnerable; it has been her life’s work and her leadership is needed now more than ever.”

Walsh said in the statement that he believes Clinton will help encourage equality among the American people through her enthusiastic work ethic.

“Hillary has spent her life fighting and advocating for those in need and I know she will bring her experience and passion to the White House to ensure that every American has an equal opportunity,” Walsh said in the statement. “Being the Mayor of one of the largest cities in America, I understand how important it is to have someone in the White House who knows how to get things done.”

Clinton will face Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Massachusetts primary on March 1. Sanders said in a Monday press release that Clinton’s association with super PACs should be questioned, and said his campaign, funded by individual donations, relates to Americans more than super PACs do.

“Now I know that every candidate who has ever received special-interest money always says that the millions of dollars they receive will never influence them,” Sanders said in the release. “If these contributions from powerful special interests have no influence over the candidates, why are they making huge campaign contributions?”

Douglas Kriner, a professor of U.S. politics in Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences, said Clinton’s decision to open six new offices in Massachusetts was a strategic move, as she is in a tight race against Sanders for the commonwealth.

“Massachusetts is one of the few states that looks like a real battleground [for Clinton],” Kriner said. “She won the state in 2008 against Sen. Obama. She looks to be behind Sen. Sanders. I’d imagine she’d just like to keep it close and keep the story about her [projected] big wins in the southern states.”

Kriner said while Clinton’s tight race against Sanders was not predicted months ago, it reflects what ideas are resonating with the American people.

“There’s a lot of anti-establishment anger,” Kriner said. “I think if you were to ask Jeb Bush if he thought he were to have raised over $100 million between his campaign and his super PAC and he’d be at home in Florida right now, he’d also be very surprised. That said, I think the Clinton campaign is certainly in a better position then most of the folks in the establishment side of the aisle in the Republican side.”

Kriner said the biggest threat to both Clinton and Sanders in the upcoming election is the fact that there is currently a Democratic president.

“It’s a tough year to be a Democrat,” Kriner said. “You know, Obama has an approval rating hovering slightly below 50 percent. That’s not the territory you want to be in, and it’s very tough to win the White House three consecutive elections for the same party. Some candidates might be better foils for Secretary Clinton or Sen. Sanders than others, but we’ll see.”

Several residents expressed concerns about voting for either Sanders or Clinton.

Yusuf Roohani, 24, of Allston, said he supports Hillary because he has concerns about Sanders’ adaptability.

“If I could vote, I would probably vote for her, because she is the most qualified person for the position,” he said. “I like what Bernie Sanders talks about, but I don’t know how far that’s going to get through Congress.”

Cory Marcotte, 20, of the North End, expressed concerns about Clinton’s consistency.

“She’s a little inconsistent and that’s concerning for a lot of people our age,” he said.

Daniel Shea, 25, of Jamaica Plain, said both candidates have had problems holding onto their voter base.

“Bernie has the better policies, to be honest, but I think his supporters have done a lot to turn people off from him,” he said. “I think at the same time, Hillary has done a poor job at explaining why to choose her over him, why the second Obama basically isn’t just going to win again.”


  1. I’m for Hillary, where can I get a sign and bumper sticker? ??

  2. Springfield MA headquarters- looking for a yard sign

  3. Looking for bumper stickers and a yard sign

  4. Hello
    I am looking to help volunteer making calls whatever. I did the for President Obama and Elizabeth Waren. Is there still an office in Whitman, MA?

  5. Kenya Richardson

    Need a Clinton yard sign

  6. need address and tel # of campaign sites in Mass

  7. same as marcelle. need address and tel # of campaign sites in Boston and Boston Metrowest

  8. Where can I get Yard signs and bumper stickers .
    Thank you

  9. Nichola Montaque

    My name is Nichola Montaque
    Representing 1199SEIU PCA department
    There’s just not enough signs around my neighborhood for HILLARY CLINTON fighting for us.
    Please please please
    I would love to see a big change today.
    The winds took them down.
    I picked up a few and tried to…


  10. Are there any headquarters for Hillary on Cape Cod.

  11. I would like to help the campaign in the Boston area. My background is in healthcare–M.S. in Health Care Administration. I would like to work with knowledgeable supporters of Obama Care so that Hillary can defend the program effectively. Access to the important information which she MUST defend, is my interest and I would like to work in that area to help with talking points for her so she won’t respond to Trump’s pettiness. She must show her intelligence and stick to the script which I would like to help provide. I am SO afraid she will be bullied into going “off-message”. I can be reached at my email address which is temporarily out of service or via my cell phone which is 781 354-9880.

  12. Oh boy. Clearly I am not the only one with the same issue. I have been a Hillary supporter donor for years. I have never received even a bumper sticker. I’m fine without one, but my neighborhood has been filled with Bernie and Trump logos all along and I would be The Only One with a Hillary support sign. The image is playing out that she is unpopular simply by virtue of the fact that there is less visible support. Spend some of that campaign money on stickers for God’s sakes and send them out to anyone who supports her. Send me gten, I’ll put them on people’s cars who support her.

  13. anyone reading this stuff who works for the campaign?

  14. Jon Abrahamson

    Seems like everyone is looking for a bumper sticker or sign. Me too on the bumper sticker request. I want to replace my Bernie one

  15. Where’s the hillary Clinton for president headquarters located in Boston? ?

  16. There is a very damning article by Jeff Jacoby in June 1 issue of Boston Globe. If this is true it may turn away many voters. The campaign needs to verify and counter the facts stated or it will turn away many voters.

  17. Would like to volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I live in Groveland mass. I am willing to help in anyway that I can. Could you put me in touch with somebody in my area i.e., Haverhill, Andover, etc.

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  21. Where can I get a yard sign ?

  22. Emily R Bergeron

    I am for hillary I would love to hear from worcester headquarters worker to see how I can help and would love to have a yard sign

  23. I also want a yard sign.

  24. 8-24-16 Hillary, Bengazi’s incident was the responsability of the Commander and Chief, President Obama and the Secretary of Defense and if the Republicans were on the ball. That my friend is grounds for impeachment.
    Second, e mails at the tune of 55,000. cann’t be 100% perfect reguarding top secret
    information. All Congressional and Senate officials get the same type of e mail info
    along with other high ranking government officials so Hillary there on a which hunt.
    *Men will marry awomen to take mommy’s place to clean,keep house and wipe thier
    noses,but they won’t let them run the country. Men are afraid of women in charge
    I relishes the compatition!
    *I’m lookong for your Boston Office I pushed for Elizebeth to be your running mate
    for sixteen years of Democrats in the White House Elizabeth will help you pass needed legislation as Senator
    Hillary your the greatest!.

  25. Where are the Clinton Campaign offices

  26. cmpainge offices in Jamaica Plain

  27. Yard signs, literature, stickers.

    Ready to canvas my neighborhoods in Quincy, MA

  28. please do not have mrs. Clinton GO ON TELEVISION WITHOUT HAVING HER HAIR DONE.

  29. September 23, 2016

    Dear Ms. Clinton.
    I am writing about your coughing spell because I have coughing spell as well, It’s is usually triggered by hot flashes or just getting hot or sometime post nasal drip.
    Ms. Clinton one way of trying to prevent these coughing is to wear less clothing, instead of wearing a long sleeve suit you should wear lightweight cool sleeveless dresses, try to keep your body as cool as possible, keep a bottle of ice cold water.
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    I do not have pneumonia but I get these coughing spell, I am 66yrs old I think it is also related to allergies and menopause, one thing I do know, my coughing spells always starts when I get to hot I try to drink lots of ice cold water.
    You have my vote. I am going to work hard to make sure I get as many of my family, friends, and my community to vote for you.
    I would like to have a yard sigh and a bumper sticker. I would like to volunteer to work on the campaign please have someone from your campaign office call or email [email protected].
    Barbara A. Gibbs

  30. I would love to phone bank or help out in anyway I can but I live in Quincy mass and the closes office is on beacon st. I don’t like taking the MBTA at night and there is no place to park. I also would like a bumper sticker but cannot seem to locate one. Why would your campaign make it so difficult to volunteer?

  31. Yard sign please
    85 Pioneer Dr
    Longmeadow MA 01106

  32. I’m volunteering to drive Hillary voters to polls on Election Day if someone has prepared a list of voters who need ride in my area. Quincy MA 617 894 8854. Dan Myers

  33. Jody cross-Hansen

    Yard. Sign please.

  34. how do i get a Hillary sign

  35. Need a yard sign please, and I can pick it up either in Quincy or Brewster, MA.

  36. Want to put 3 signs on my [email protected] 230 Acton Road (RT. 27) Chelmsford, MA—200 foot frontage on main road in Chelmsford, MA