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Wake Me Up Boston: A break from spring break

Punta Cana. Cancun. Miami Beach. The Bahamas. Cabo. And, of course, last but not least, Puerto Vallarta. These are just a few of the hottest destinations — both literally and figuratively — for college spring breakers craving wild beach raves at party central. Spring break 2018 was no different for our fellow Terriers, who jetted to many of these bustling hot spots rich with sunshine, H2O and overflowing amounts of alcohol.

Meanwhile, I partied on my couch in the midst of a nor’easter, surrounded by blankets and pillows galore and a mug of piping hot coffee in hand. As spring break approached with the conclusion of February and the continuation of bleak weather, staying at home in the throes of winter became less and less appealing as a way to recuperate from the pressures of academia. Oh, the struggles of the stay-at-home break life, I thought to myself in anticipation. Endless days of staring off into the plunging depths of boredom, wishing I was somewhere basking underneath the rays of a tropical sun instead of the tableside lamp. Yes, I know this sounds incredibly invigorating and not depressing in the slightest, but worry not, because this thrilling narrative does take a turn.

Upon arriving home to sweet suburbia, I was greeted by my overjoyed poodle and a heaping assortment of some of my favorite foods (for anybody who knows me, it was a pasta of some sort). In that moment, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else besides sitting at the dinner table, surrounded by the rest of my family and the warmth of homemade food. My spring break wound up consisting of many similar moments — some of which included intensive sleeping, indulging in amazingly meaningless TV and consuming way too much cake. I was able to repair my exhausted mind and body with the perfect combination of rest and relaxation, without any looming deadlines or restrictive schedules. Sometimes some me-time is much needed — even if it is hard to recognize at first — as I learned from checking in at the Home Resort.

As much as my break was relaxing, I still managed to fit in the right balance of fun before its end — with a quick, crazy trip to New Orleans! Here, I feasted on beignets and café au lait from the famous Café Du Monde downtown, explored the rambunctious streets of the French Quarter where an Italian walking festival paraded through in costume and brunched at popular NOLA classics as if my life depended on it.

All along, my childhood best friend who attends nearby Tulane University led the way. Sharing her love for this festive city, rich in culture and tradition (along with humidity), my eyes were opened to this fairy-tale type world where students both attend college in a modern setting and take a step back in time to its historic roots in the central downtown hub of New Orleans. Sadly, the weather gods could have been a little more generous with their gift of sunshine, as it rained most of the time, but we enjoyed ourselves just as much.

The few days I spent in NOLA on the backend of my spring break was the perfect conclusion to a productive week focused on me, meant in the least self-absorbed of ways. That’s not to say Cancun wouldn’t have been just as fulfilling, but this time around, home and a weekend in NOLA was sufficient enough — even if it’s the less publicized version of college spring break.

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