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Burke’s Bully Pulpit: The never-ceasing Russia investigation

The Russia investigation has been going on since May of 2017, and it still hasn’t found anything incriminating on our president. Trump now uses the investigation as a striking point at Democrats, and at this point, he’s probably not wrong in doing so.

Trump has fired more people than I want to count. A few people have been indicted by Robert Mueller’s team and some have even been charged. Paul Manafort faces more than 300 years in jail, and he used to be the head of the campaign.

Manafort’s not the head of anything anymore. Trump fired him long ago, meaning that he has almost no influence on the president at the present time. But people love to bring up how corrupt Trump’s team was when coming into power.

While this is correct, every single politician’s team includes people who are corrupt. Politicians are corrupt. I have almost no doubt that if there were an investigation into every other president and person in power in this country, people would be exposed for doing shady things when no one is looking. This doesn’t make it right, but it is the truth.

Trump has all the power in this situation. He is innocent until proven guilty, and guilt doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. He’s tweeted time and time again about his personal innocence, and there is no evidence at the moment that wouldn’t corroborate his claims. His Twitter followers and supporters definitely do not think that he did anything even close to morally wrong or illegal.

This seems like just another point of controversy in an administration that has been ridiculed from the start. Nothing real has come out of this investigation so far, so I think that we should put this issue on the back burner until Mueller finds definitive evidence that our president had direct, personal Russian help in winning the election.

Russia definitely interfered — that fact has been exposed. Given the evidence presented so far, I don’t think that it was in direct correlation with Donald Trump. I think it’s far more likely that the Russians influenced the elections to elect the leader they thought could be manipulated and controlled. Russia has been a hot-button topic since the start of the election season, and I’m sure it loves the attention.

The funny thing is that the United States has done this countless times in countless countries. The one time it may have happened to us, we are wholeheartedly up in arms, in total disbelief that someone would try to undermine our democracy. It is totally laughable.

Instead of slamming Trump for his every move, we should try to focus on actual issues that pertain to daily American life. Debt is now at an all time high, and even with the recent tax cuts that have put more money into the average American’s weekly paycheck, there is some cause for concern. People have attributed the booming economy to Trump, and while that can be debated, there is no question that business’ confidence is at a recent high.

The bottom line is this: Outrage over issues that have never been presented as real is a waste of time, and it discredits the remarks of Democrats on other issues. It’s sad how partisan this country is becoming because you cannot have a rational conversation with people without random, weird and wrong statements being made. It is true for the Democrats as much as it is for Republicans. Politicians feed off of publicity and notoriety, so when they get pulled into issues that don’t really relate or matter, they become stronger and stronger.

Americans have a responsibility to keep their leaders in check, that is what a democracy is for. However, complaining about every step that someone takes on the road to making change will only discredit your own argument on future issues. Take the time to step back and think if the Russian investigation is something you really want to put your time and effort into arguing about. Until the investigation is completed, there is really nothing to talk about.

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