City Crime Logs: Sept. 10

The following crime reports were taken from the Boston Police Department crime logs from Sept. 10.

Ice Pick Break-in

An officer responded to a report of breaking and entering at a Brighton apartment Monday evening. The victim said the door to the apartment was locked, so the suspect attempted to force the door open with a large ice pick.

Brighton Burglary

A suspect entered a Brighton apartment Monday night by breaking the sidelight window next to the front door, reaching into the apartment and unlocking the front door, the victim said. A gold watch worth $100 and a black Under Armour backpack were stolen.

Lyft Assault in Allston

A Lyft driver was assaulted early Monday morning after picking up an intoxicated woman who asked to stop at an ATM near her house. The driver exited the car to stop the passenger from running off. The passenger then ripped off the victim’s necklace and fled.

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