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Max vs. Media: Amy Klobuchar is the best choice for 2020

Can you believe the 2020 election cycle is only a few months away? Well, I can, because predictions of who will run as the Democratic nominee have been circulating since November 2016. But the expansive list is full of candidates with major faults that no one wants to address. Let’s categorize the 15+ candidates.

The coastal elites: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand and Chris Murphy.

The relatable white guys: Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown, Terry McAuliffe, Steve Bullock, Tim Kaine and Tim Ryan.

The losers: Beto O’Rourke and Hillary Clinton.

The billionaires: Michael Bloomberg and Mark Cuban.

Let’s be honest, Sanders and Biden are too old. Am I being ageist? Absolutely. But no company would ever higher a CEO 15 years past the age of retirement. If elected as president, both candidates would be in their 80s during a large part of their four-year term. There is no way either would or should run for re-election, which will hurt Democratic chances in the future.

Warren, Harris and the rest of the coastal elites all have the same issue: they are from deep blue states. Their electability diminishes greatly. Moreover, they could “scare off” the college-educated whites who might be more concerned about their wallets than the orange disaster in the oval office. It’s not that I don’t like the positions these candidates hold. That’s a different issue. But none of them hold the Bernie charm that made him popular throughout the United States.

Most of the “relatable white guys” are simply bland. Who knows or cares about McAuliffe or Kaine? You don’t go to a bakery and order Wonder Bread. Sherrod Brown is different, though. He has that Bernie charm and Midwestern reach. In an increasingly Republican Ohio, he was able to easily hold onto his Senate seat. But if he ran and won the presidency, Democrats would lose a vital Senate seat that may prevent them from governing effectively. Without 50+ Democratic seats in the Senate, legislation will grind to a halt.

The Onion — a satirical news website — posted a hysterical article about Clinton running again. It’s titled, “Hillary Launches Campaign To Raise $100 Million Or Else She’ll Run For President.” It pretty much explains the complete lack of enthusiasm for a Clinton 2020 campaign.

O’Rourke is unqualified. He should not be president. I don’t care if he almost beat Ted Cruz in red, red Texas. He was a congressmen for how many years again? Four. He should try to run for Senate again in 2020. Not for the presidency.

Bloomberg is not a Democrat. Changing your official party, donating billions of dollars and calling out Trump does not truly make you one. He will anger the Democratic base — as he should. Would he make a great president? Absolutely. But, he would get crushed in the primary.

So who is left? No one special. No one on the list I produced above. But there is a senator I did not mention who is neither too liberal or moderate, not from a coastal state and whose Senate seat — if they won the presidency — would likely fall to Democratic hands. Her name is Amy Klobuchar. Coming from Minnesota, she understands the issues of the Midwestern states that Clinton failed to carry. Democrats could lose Ohio and Florida once again. But as long as they gain back Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, they will have the oval office in 2021.

Klobuchar is neither flashy nor fiery. But in the Senate, she has pushed to force action to stop the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs, expand voting rights, address sexual harassment and protect online privacy, according to The New York Times.

So let’s discard the “likely” 2020 Democratic nominees. Sanders, Biden, Warren, Harris, etc. are all fine politicians, but they aren’t the best choice. Klobuchar is.


  1. Klobuchar is a real piece of work. She claims she done all this work in office, yet her numbers prove different. Resign klobuchar if you’re going to run for office, but many won’t vote for you.

  2. Bernie’s “fame” was Russian propaganda. His ego as big as tRump’s. #NeverBernie
    However, I completely agree that Senator KLOBUCHAR is the Democratic Party’s key to victory. Taking 60% of the vote in her 3rd Senate term and winning every rural district in MN, she has both midwestern and bipartisan appeal. A former prosecutor serving on the Judiciary, she is well-respected and modest – having passed the most bills of any senator! During the Kavanaugh hearings, it was clear that Grassley and Graham insisted that #KavaNO apologize to her for his deplorable behavior. If Amy runs, I’m on board.

  3. Agree. She would be a great candidate.