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Bully Pulpit: Watching the Patriots in the Super Bowl never gets old

Look around you. If you’re a fan of New England sports or simply someone who goes to school in Boston, it’s a great time to be alive. We currently have so many things going for us. The Red Sox are fresh off a World Series win. The Patriots are back in the big game.

Sports, as I’ve said time and time again, are a fun way to escape the realities of real life — if only for a moment. Big sports fans enjoy living in a fantasy as they get lost in the game, a notion not that different from somebody who loses themselves in a good book or an acclaimed video game.

The difference with sports is this: our heroes actually come to life every so often, and we get to see them do what they do best.

This isn’t going to be an article gloating in the faces of the people that despise us because we win so much, although I really want it to be. The most important thing about this Super Bowl Sunday is taking a second to stop and enjoy the time spent with those around you.

Super Bowl parties are fun, even for those who might not care about or even understand the game. The socializing alone is often enough to be talked about for years to come, and it certainly helps if the team the room is rooting for brings home a championship. New Englanders have seen it many times, and they hope to see it again on Sunday.

I’ve watched the last two Super Bowls with my friends at school. I may have been in the small majority of people who actually cared whether the Patriots won or lost, but it really didn’t matter. For those few hours, people will fake it because they are your friend. They will be there for you in the lowest of lows and highest of highs.

Sports brings people together like almost nothing else on the planet.

For music lovers, this is the equivalent of seeing the Beatles play. For video game enthusiasts, this is our Super Smash Bros. For bookworms, this is our “The Great Gatsby.” Take a second and appreciate all that’s around you because you never know when you might not have it anymore.

Life is full of wonderful little moments and times like these are sure to be an addition to your own list of memories.

Please, for the love of everything holy, save the “sports are dumb!” argument. I understand, but I don’t care. I understand that sports are games that don’t really affect the lives of anyone who isn’t directly involved.

But to me, especially this weekend, it matters. You can’t control when your team does well, and you definitely never know when their luck will run out. We have watched, debated and predicted all year to get to this point. Don’t make us feel like idiots for caring now. Deep down, we know.

With all that being said, the Patriots have a chance to tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowls won by any team in the history of professional football. It’s a big deal, especially when you consider one quarterback has won them all — Tom Brady.

At this point, we all know how great he is, and it would be a waste of words to explain it all. Brady is synonymous with winning, and we hope that statement stands true on Sunday when the clock runs out of time.

For now, we will wait, watching every single highlight video we can get our hands on. In the words of Tom Brady, “LET’S GO!”

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