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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Animal Testing On the Rise

I was shocked to read that the number of animals used in experiments have sky rocketed in recent years, mainly due to massive increases in the use of genetically engineering mice, despite claims to the contrary espoused by both the government and experimenters (“Animal use in research on the rise despite government data, study finds” 3/3.)

In recent experiments at Boston University, experimenters mimicked IED explosions on mice before dissecting them, female mice were restrained, had holes drilled into their skulls and were made to smell male mouse urine as experimenters measured their supposed sexual arousal and rats were addicted to alcohol and repeatedly injected with other drugs.

Yet, we know that experiments on animals rarely translate to people.

Mice and rats — like dogs and cats — are sensitive and intelligent individuals who feel pain, joy and other complex emotions. Yet, they are afforded no protections under federal laws governing experiments on animals. They don’t even need to be reliably counted or provided pain relief.

The shape rise in the number of animals used in experiments should be alarming for people concerned with good science, responsible use of public money and the welfare of animals. The government needs to take seriously these concerns and work to dramatically reduce the number of
all animals in labs.

Carley Bowering

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