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East to West: September 28, 2020

Join the Daily Free Press today as we cover the protests demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, the possibility of study abroad returning for Spring 2020, rat infestations in Boston neighborhoods, and more.

FEATURING: Justin Tang, Jackson Machesky, Sarah Wager

WRITTEN BY: Justin Tang, Michelle Tian, Nellie Maloney, Mia Parker, Yvonne Tang, Jackson Machesky, Sarah Wager 

EDITED BY: Justin Tang

BASED ON DFP PIECES BY: Daniel Kool, Allison Pirog, Kate Sandage, Claire Williams, Julia Ermi, Katarzyna Jezak, and Anne Jonas

MUSIC: “Acid Trumpet” by Kevin Macleod, “Backbay Lounge” by Kevin Macleod, “Ultralounge” by Kevin Macleod

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