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Blaming the Messenger (Episode 3): Reagan and Clinton — The Celebrity Presidencies (Oh, and Bush Sr. Too)

On this episode of Blaming the Messenger, the Daily Free Press discusses President Ronald Reagan and his “controlled access” policy with the media, as well as President Bill Clinton and the impeachment saga. Oh, and we’ll also talk about President George H. W. Bush., a media traditionalist sandwiched between two presidents who dramatically changed the executive branch’s interactions with the media.

Voice work provided by Daniel Multz, Doug Benishek, Will Aracri, Abbey McCracken, Hayden Wheeler, and Trevor Tamura. Fact-checking and script editing by Jackson Machesky, Angela Yang, Sarah Readdean, and Justin Tang.  Editing by Justin Tang. Original music by Jackson Machesky. Thanks to BU Professors Chris Daly and Bruce Schulman for inspiring the idea behind this podcast. Funding and support provided by The Daily Free Press, Boston University’s independent student-run newspaper.

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