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Blaming the Messenger (Episode 4): Bush, Obama, and Keeping Policies a Secret

On this episode of Blaming the Messenger, The Daily Free Press discusses two presidents who, ideologically, could not have been more different: George W. Bush and Barack Obama. However, both presidents criticized media conduct during their administrations, lied to the press during pivotal points in their presidencies, and withheld information from the press when politically motivated to do so.

Voice work provided by Trevor Tamura, Abbey McCracken, Daniel Multz, David Simon, Hayden Wheeler, Will Aracri, Samantha Rossi, and Cameron Irving. Fact-checking and script editing by Jackson Machesky, Angela Yang, Sarah Readdean, and Justin Tang. Editing by Justin Tang. Original music by Jackson Machesky. Thanks to BU Professors Chris Daly and Bruce Schulman for inspiring the idea behind this podcast. Funding and support provided by The Daily Free Press, Boston University’s independent student-run newspaper.

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Jackson Machesky is a Junior studying political science in the College of Arts and Sciences and journalism in the College of Communication and the podcast editor for Spring 2021. He is the writer and host of the Daily Free Press podcast "Blaming the Messenger" and co-host of "Is It OK If I Record?" and "East to West."

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