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Manifest it

One month to go, guys! One month until summer vacation! One month until you’re tanning on the beach and finally catching up on long-awaited sleep.

I figured an inspirational, educational-type article was fitting for this week. Everyone is feeling anxious, as school work continually piles up, but remember: you’ve almost made it. It’s easy to let school consume you and take precedence over everything, even your mental health.

Remember that it is not the end of the world if you get a B or don’t do well on an exam. There will always be another test and another class to redeem yourself with. No one is perfect. Everyone is going to have off days, off weeks or maybe even an off month. That’s OK.

woman meditates on top of a mountain
Instead of spending time stressing about the past, focus on the present and manifest your dreams. COURTESY OF KALYANAYAHALUWO VIA PIXABAY

Times are tough, so you need to remember to go easy on yourself. I find myself stressing about the smallest things that shouldn’t be taking so much energy out of me. My parents are constantly reminding me to focus on the present, remember what really matters and not be so hard on myself.

Just the other week, I didn’t do that great on a test, and I was upset about it — as anyone would be. Then I realized there’s no point in stressing and worrying about an exam that’s in the past. All I can do now is study hard for the next one and give it my all.

My biggest motto throughout my 20 years of life has been “manifest it.” Seriously, it works. The only way it works, though, is if you believe in what you are putting out into the universe without a sliver of doubt in your mind. I have tried to speak things out into the universe, but in my head, a voice doubted what I was saying. It’s safe to say these manifestations didn’t work.

When I did believe in myself and my words, my manifestations became reality. For example, I was in Paris during my gap year before coming to Boston University. I got a request for a job and in my mind, I had already got it. I had a feeling the job was mine, and so it became mine. I didn’t doubt myself for a second and neither did the universe.

I ended up booking the job, and it was the best experience of my life. I learned so much and gained a boost of confidence. This goes to show how real manifesting your dreams is.

Whether you speak your wish into the universe, write it in your journal or do both, it can and will work. Believe in yourself and believe in what you’re saying. The universe has a sneaky way of backing you up when you truly need and want from it.

Let’s translate this act of manifestation into our everyday lives. Rather than wasting time on our worries, we should use that time to manifest our dreams.

Wake up every morning filled with gratitude, maybe even write down a goal for that day. By writing down that goal and waking up with the intention of achieving that goal, you are manifesting positivity and happiness into your day.

I have found I am happier when I wake up and focus on the exciting parts of my day. Rather than stressing about my unfinished assignments, I focus my energy on the exciting adventures I will embark on once I complete the tasks I have for the day. By doing so, this work becomes something I enjoy doing rather than something I dread.

Go get your journal, yoga or music and start turning your dreams and goals into reality.


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