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How to go from reflecting on the summer to running around BU

It’s that time of year again. Students are getting dropped off at school, moving into new places and meeting new people. Parents are crying as they say goodbye to their freshmen, and upperclassmen are smiling and laughing as they reunite with friends after a much-needed summer.


It’s a distinct image that marks this transition back to school: a time-marker as we leave summer and come to BU. It’s funny: I don’t think any of us realizes how quickly time flies by. Time is something we have no control over. It doesn’t matter if we do absolutely nothing for two days or are the busiest we have ever been because time will continue, regardless of what you are doing.


This summer, I finally realized how quickly three-and-a-half months go by. I interned at a law firm, and when working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. most days of the week, time passes quickly. 


But when we finally leave our home, fly to a school filled with an endless sea of students and take on the uncertainty, we appreciate the time and familiarity with our family and friends back home in hindsight. That’s one of the beauties of college, though: you learn to work through the unknown and discomfort that comes with being in a foreign city and grow because of it.

student walking across marsh chapel plaza
A student walking through the Marsh Chapel plaza. Embracing the present moment can be more difficult than it seems, but Maya’s tips offer a few ways to achieve a regret-free college experience. SOPHIA FLISSLER/ DFP FILE


Seniors have told me how they feel like they were walking into their freshman dorm just yesterday, uncertain of what to do and where to go. Now, they feel ready to go into the world and excited to graduate. That’s the goal — to have lived every moment to the fullest so that when your time at Boston University is finished, you are ready to move on because you enjoyed every minute of your time here.


Now that I have given you my two cents about the importance of living in the present and enjoying every minute of a new change, I’m going to give you some tips on how to actually do that:


  • Don’t wish time away. Having things to look forward to is so great because it makes us excited, but you should make sure to not just focus on what’s coming. Focus on what is happening now.
  • Take time away from screens and go on an adventure. It feels so liberating. It’s easy to say you aren’t addicted to your phone, but honestly, a lot of us are.
  • Go on long walks and say yes to those plans you have the urge to cancel because you are too tired. Take every opportunity and make memories.
  • Run around in a garden or a field and stay up watching stars. Wake up to watch the sunrise with your pals.
  • Romanticize your life: go on trips and cook yummy meals. Just go on adventures.


Lastly, as you go into the semester, know that while some days may seem slow while others seem fast, you can make sure to do everything you can to live in the present moment because we only get one chance to experience it. Make new friends and try new things. Be open to endless possibilities and opportunities this year. This is your chance to make this year the best year yet. Classes are back in-person, students are on campus and fall weather is right around the corner.


My hope for you all is that at the end of this school year you will look back and have no regrets because you did everything you wanted to do. Good luck this year. It’s going to be a great one.

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  1. Fantastic advice. It’s the truth.

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