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Halloween celebrations on campus return in-person with COVID-19 guidelines

As campus returns to an almost pre-pandemic time, in-person events have resumed as well. As Halloween nears, students prepare for the in-person return of Boston University’s celebrations of the spookiest holiday.

The BU Campus Activities Board will be hosting the Halloween Boo Bash this Friday where students can participate in Halloween-themed activities such as arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt and a screening of “Casper.”

Ruby Maute, vice president of BU Campus Activities Board and a junior in College of Communication, said the club has emphasized holding in-person events this year as students weren’t able to interact as much last year during remote studying.

“It’s easier to make friends when you’re actually with another person in-person whereas it’s hard to really talk to people through a screen,” Maute said. “It’s nice to have events in-person where people are taking the time to go over and be with other people, and then also it’s just nice to get out of your dorm room.”

Maute said while in-person events have returned, the group will take precautions to minimize crowding and ensure students stay COVID-safe. She said CAB rented out the entire second floor of the George Sherman Union to host the Halloween Boo Bash to give the event plenty of space.

“The main things will be happening in the lounge, people will be able to go to a patio on the second floor,” Maute said. “And then also, there’s another common area that they can go to eat just to be separated from everyone so that not everyone is crowded together.”

She said students will also be required to show green badges and keep masks on when they’re not eating.

Another Halloween celebration includes the Class of 2023 Masquerade party, which will be held Thursday at the House of Blues.

Kenneth Elmore, associate provost and dean of students, said BU decided to hold an event for juniors after holding special events for the Class of 2024.

“Class 2023 said ‘What about us, we feel like seniors are going to get all their kinds of things, you always pay attention to freshmen and then, you do this big thing for sophomores,’” Elmore said. “‘So help us out, give us a little love.’”

Elmore said the event will include a DJ, performers and snacks for students.

Elmore added that the theme of the event also emphasizes the use of masks at the event. Students will also be asked to show their green badges.

“The timing with Halloween is a big piece of why we decided to go with a masquerade theme, and of course, the play on ‘mask,’” Elmore said. “You can see that people get a copy of a mask, they get a mask as a ticket.”

Elmore said the University has taken COVID-19 precautions by making sure to hold social events throughout the semester outdoors.

“Everyone’s really in this mode where they are so looking forward to just getting together with each other … there’s an excitement to that, and there’s a momentum to that,” Elmore said. “We’re trying to bring people together in a lot of different ways.”

Srindhi Baile, a junior in the College of Arts and Science, said because Halloween has fallen on the weekend this year, she’s looking forward to a normal year celebrating Halloween, such as dressing up.

“It gives students the opportunity to go out on Friday and Saturday which is nice in comparison to last year where I’m pretty sure me and my friend just went to P.F. Chang’s for Halloween,” Baile said. “It just happened to be Halloween and there was no dressing up.”

Although Baile plans to go out and celebrate Halloween with friends, she said she feels COVID-safe because of the weekly COVID-19 tests on campus.

“I’m excited,” Baile said. “If God forbid that I actually got sick, then I would know exactly when I got sick.”

Elmore said he advised students to get tested in preparation for Halloween and to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

“Looking after each other is not only testing and doing the attestation and not going places if you got sniffles,” Elmore said. “Don’t let the possibility that you may have to stay away from folks keep you from not being healthy.”

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