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A recap of my chaotic past two weeks

If someone asked me what happened in the last 14 days of my life, my brain would short circuit. The only honest answer I could give is this — a lot. 

I feel like I’ve lived 29 different lives and changed identities three times throughout the course of the past two weeks. In reality, not too much has happened. I just needed a break from school so badly that even a little change in routine caught me off guard. 

So, here’s a recap of the past two weeks of my life. Spoiler: it’s not as chaotic as I’m making it out to be. 

Let’s begin. Two weekends ago, I had my first dance show in two years. 

It was a mess. 

The show itself was fine — great, actually. But the rehearsals were all over the place. People were yelling at me, music was blasting in my ears and everyone was panicking. Not to mention, the smell of hairspray was so potent I thought I would pass out. 

But the inexplicable joy I felt after performing was worth everything. The performance was one of the happiest moments of my life, and to share it with those I love was the cherry on top of a perfectly made sundae 

The next day, I had a breakdown. 

I took one look at all the homework I had due the next Monday and the final exams and projects that were getting disgustingly close to my face, and I just started crying. Not to mention, I totally forgot about an important deadline for one of my classes, and my stress level started hitting the max mark. 

It’s almost funny how quickly my mood did a 180 in less than 12 hours, but like I said, we’re vibing in the chaos.

The final few days before Thanksgiving went as expected, with me throwing unnecessary tantrums and complaining about tasks I could’ve very easily gotten done if I had just put some effort into them. 

But the moment the holiday break officially started, I could’ve shot rainbows out of my ears because of my excitement.

Times Square in New York City. Michelle recaps her chaotic last two weeks, from performing in a long-anticipated dance show to visiting New York to stressing about finals. MICHELLE TIAN/ DFP STAFF

My roommate and I were going to New York for four days. We’re both Canadian, so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in November. But we knew we needed to get out of Boston for a while and shop as if we had unlimited amounts of money.

We did just that.

I’ll admit, my bank account is yelling at me, and I’m still feeling post-vacation depression vibes. But going to New York and forgetting about school was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Not to mention I watched two Broadway musicals and realized how much I missed those in-person performances. All of it — from the shopping to the shows to the food — was like a fever dream, and I’m still not sure if it was real. 

Looking ahead, I wish I could say my life will calm down a little, but that would be a lie. I had to write down my entire schedule from now until winter break on my desk so I wouldn’t lose track of all my responsibilities. 

Even with prepping and organization, if I had to draw the next two weeks on a piece of paper, it would be a bunch of scribbles because that’s exactly what my head looks like right now. 

Since Friday, I’ve been non-stop dancing again. I have two shows this Monday and had a million tech and dress rehearsals this weekend. It’ll be hours and hours of beating up my body, and while that sounds brutal and exhausting, I’m actually excited for every second of it. 

And then, of course the moment we’ve all been waiting for — finals. 

That word itself makes me want to eat a handful of dirt. Final projects, final exams, final classes — all of it will be bundled up in a not-so-lovely present and gifted to me. And it’ll all hit me like a truck. 

I wish I could be that cool girl who knows what she’s doing in life, but I’m just trying to get through the day without crying. 

But to end my last article of the semester on a note of inspiration, here are some words of encouragement: You’ll do great. Finals have nothing on you. Besides, you can’t get worse than me. A girl who just constantly naps and cries? Yeah, don’t worry. You’re all good.

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