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A guide to Boston’s indie music scene

With Berklee College of Music in its beating heart and many wonderful opportunities for the arts, Boston can’t help but be a magnet for talented young people. Although I’ve been a part of the Boston University community for less than a year, I’m very fortunate to have stumbled upon the breathtaking musical talent that resides in my newfound neighborhood. 

My hope is that everyone will discover these incredible indie bands as well so that local up-and-coming artists can gain all the success they deserve. 

So if you’re looking to get into the Boston indie music scene, here are five local artists and bands that I think everyone should become familiar with. 

Trophy Wife

The first artist that I’m going to demand you listen to right now is “Trophy Wife,” also known as McKenzie Iazzetta. Recognizable by her curly, beach-blond hair and angelic voice, “Trophy Wife” produces the type of music that empowers feminism through the delicate strength of her voice. Although she currently only has nine songs out, I am looking forward to the incredible things that she will accomplish in the future. 

The website of local Boston band “Trophy Wife.” Peyton Renegar highlights five local bands killing it on Boston’s indie music scene. ANH NGUYEN/DFP STAFF


The next band that you should be utterly obsessed with is “Winkler.” The talent the band holds is incredible. Five spectacular artists each bring something unique to the group and complement one another beautifully. Most of their songs are lighthearted and playful, and are the perfect  songs to dance around your room to at 3 a.m. 

Sweet Petunia

A band that might be familiar to you if you listen to Winkler is “Sweet Petunia.” Though the two bands produce nearly completely different genres of music, you can hear the feminal, harmonic voice of Madison Simpson in both bands. With a slightly folksy tune — thanks to the banjo used in their songs — the band provides a refreshing and unique sound that can only be described as phenomenal. 

Dino Gala

Another one of my new obsessions is the band “Dino Gala.” Their unique sound brings sorrowful comfort to those who listen with their music carrying an emotional tone. The group of five complements each other to make impactful, almost spiritual, masterpieces. With various styles, such as acoustic with their song, “fire escape,” they appeal to anyone with an indie-grunge music taste who wants to escape into a world of heartfelt emotion. 


The final artist that I’ve been playing heavily on repeat is “Anjimile.” With raspy, unique vocals,  the band reassures me through sensational, upbeat music. With entertaining, light songs such as “Sonja Smokes Me Out” and deeper, more emotional songs such as “Maker,” Anjimile has a masterpiece tune for any emotion.

These five bands and artists are a small fraction of the impeccable talent residing in Boston. As I continue to grow, I am beyond grateful to them for getting me through recent life challenges, and for giving me music for all of life’s occasions. I am looking forward to watching these artists continue to flourish and inevitably get the recognition they deserve.

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