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COM president-elect Weston Moran details ambitious three-point plan for Fall semester

When he’s not giving tours to prospective Boston University students or doing improv with BU’s “Liquid Fun” club, Weston Moran wants to make his face known and his voice heard on campus. Moran, a College of Communication freshman and student vice president of the college, has just been elected as COM president-elect come fall.

Wes Moran COM president
Freshman Wes Moran is the new College of Communications student president for Fall 2022. Moran speaks about his three goals for Boston University’s COM department aimed at bringing together what he refers to as the “COMunity,” which includes all students and staff at the college. DAVID YEUNG/DFP STAFF

Moran has always had a passion for communication — with a keen interest in film, writing and networking — and also served as class president in high school. The freshman even has his own segment called “Wes on the Street” on the COM Student Government Instagram page, where he asks short questions and interviews BU students walking around campus.

“I feel like I’ve shown a lot of dedication and passion for COM Student Gov and I have a lot of ideas and experience having served as vice president,” Moran said. “It just felt like a natural progression, so I decided to run for president.”

Already preparing for the fall semester, Moran is working on three goals for COM members. First, he is focusing on increasing feedback between COM students and faculty.

“It would be awesome if, within COM, we had more opportunities to give feedback to professors and advisers just because I feel like it’d be nice for students to be able to voice their concerns,” Moran said.

Miranda Lemus, a freshman in COM, met Moran during orientation, and works with him in COM Student Government. Lemus said Moran’s feedback plan sets up the college for success.

“It sets a very good foundation for not just us right now, but also the future of what COM could be,” Lemus said.

And as much as Moran wants feedback between students and faculty, the president-elect too is open to criticism.

“I want to better myself and better who I am as a person, and I think the best way to do that is to hear feedback from other people,” Moran said.

Moran’s second goal for his upcoming presidency is to expand BU’s Town Hall — where members of the BU community in COM gather to discuss important issues.

“I want to invite advisers, maybe a keynote speaker like a COM alum, ” Moran said. “Expanding the Town Hall will be even beneficial, especially for first year students because I feel like coming to BU can be a little bit overwhelming.”

Moran’s last goal seeks to unite what he refers to as the “COMunity,” or rather all students and staff within the college.

“I really want to be able to unite the student body by working with every COM organization,” Moran said. “I just want to really bring the whole COMunity together, have us all supporting one another which I think would be awesome.”

Samantha Myers, master lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program, wrote in an email that other students “gravitate toward him [Moran] and clearly respect his perspectives.”

“Wes has been a stand-out student in our class since the very first day,” Myers wrote. “He is an extremely smart, engaged, energetic student with lots of great ideas. He’s a strong writer with an incisive, analytical eye toward social issues.”

Lemus emphasized that Moran is the “most amazing person” she’s ever met who is “committed and passionate” in all of his endeavors.

“I’m not shocked at all that he took on this role because he’s perfect for it,” Lemus said. “You can see it in every little move he does.”

Moran said those who are interested in COM should just “go for it,” noting how the college has many opportunities and organizations for students to get involved in.

“We’re all willing to support each other,” Moran said. “It’s definitely one of the most collaborative colleges within BU I think, like we’re all willing to help one another and work together and answer each other’s questions.”


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