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Boston University ‘looking into’ allegations of sexual misconduct against Christophor Cavalieri

Boston University’s Equal Opportunity Office will look into certain allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against College of Communication assistant professor Christophor Cavalieri, according to University spokesperson Colin Riley.

Camera equipment in Studio West at Boston University College of Communication. BU’s Equal Opportunity Office will be looking into allegations of sexual misconduct against COM assistant professor Christophor Cavalieri. MAGGIE WEN/DFP STAFF

Cavalieri was accused of inappropriate behavior ranging from verbal abuse to sexual misconduct in an article published by The Daily Free Press Thursday.

EOO will be looking into the allegations in the article. I don’t want to be premature at this point…but it typically would be a request to speak with someone to gather more information before taking additional steps,” Riley wrote in an email.

COM Dean Mariette DiChristina released a statement to students and faculty a day after the publication of the article stating the department is committed to “providing an environment free of harassment and discrimination for students to learn and thrive.”

In an interview, DiChristina said that “if new allegations come to light and as they come to light, of course, the University would look into that.”

The University launched an investigation into Cavalieri’s behavior last year using a third-party lawyer. Throughout the investigation, Felix Phillips, a former COM student who raised a potential incident of sexual misconduct involving Cavalieri, was never contacted, he said.

When asked why Phillips was not contacted, DiChristina forwarded the inquiry to the EOO.

“I have shared your inquiry to the Equal Opportunity Office, and have been assured that the Free Press will be contacted with additional information when that is possible,” DiChristina wrote.

Cavalieri is the faculty adviser of butv10 — BU’s student-run television program. On Friday, butv10 shows The Wire and Good Morning BU addressed the allegations of sexual misconduct, with the latter adding that Cavalieri would not be involved in any reporting involving him.

Butv10 Student Board also addressed the allegations to its members in a statement Friday.

“As a student-run organization, we care most about you,” the Student Board wrote. “BUTV10 remains committed to keeping our organization a safe and fun environment where students feel free and welcome to do what they love with other students.”

When contacted by The Daily Free Press, COM Student Government said it hopes faculty members found creating “unsafe environments” will be held “accountable.”

“COM Student Government has always strived to cultivate a positive environment that supports and uplifts all students, including any students that have been assaulted or mistreated,” it said in a statement. “We applaud those who are using their voice to call for meaningful change.”

Both Riley and DiChristina declined to comment on Cavalieri’s role and duties at COM going forward. Cavalieri himself did not respond to requests for comment.

Campus News Editor Jesús Marrero Suárez was involved in the butv10 show Shadows in fall 2021 and early spring 2022. He disaffiliated from the show on March 14, 2022.

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  1. Nice to see there will be some follow through. It’s hard to believe there was a third party investigation looking into the incident yet Felix Phillips was not contacted. How is that possible? Assistant professor Christophor Cavalieri needs to be held accountable.

  2. Frustrated Student

    Doubt it. DiChristina is just lying and covering her ass. Cav will be there next semester even though he’s sexually harassed students. Great fucking job COM and BU admin, great job — keeping a sexual predator on the payroll.


  3. BU should not be encouraging a culture of white male supremacy. This is ridiculous this guy wasn’t caught.

  4. Look Mel it comes from the top. I’m pretty sure President Brown is a smart guy and has been told frats embody white male supremacy. He’s a money guy. He cares about dollars. That’s why I think he won’t get rid of professors who did this stuff and frats that get away with this stuff. He’ll just dance like a monkey for these donors, lie and keep this stuff going for probably money and to keep white male supremacy. He’s a white man with an ugly mustache. What do you expect?