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Fight 2 BU re-elected for 2023-24 BU StuGov executive board, all at-large party gain seats

Fight 2 BU was re-elected for the executive board of the 2024 Boston University Student Government in a narrow election, the Student Election Commission announced this weekend.

Incumbent Student Body President Dhruv Kapadia speaks at the StuGov election results announcement dinner.
Incumbent Student Body President Dhruv Kapadia speaks at the StuGov election results announcement dinner. In a close race, Fight 2 BU won re-election. HUI-EN LIN/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER

Fight 2 BU won last year on a platform on engagement, empowerment and environment. Under this platform, they hosted Winter Weeks of Welcome, set up the spring concert with Polo G and more.

“Regardless of the outcome of this election, I request that when you think about Fight 2 BU, you don’t remember our individual names,” Dhruv Kapadia, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and the president, said. “I request that you remember us as what we set out to be, the people’s executive board.”

This year, they ran on a platform of Continuity, Culture and Communication, winning by a narrow margin.

As three slates ran for executive board — Fight 2 BU, Unleash BU and To Infinity and BUyond — the SEC used ranked choice voting for the first time since 2020.

“Our top two slates, neither one of them had gained a majority, so in rank choice voting, if one slate wins a majority they win,” Ilana Keusch, a junior in CAS and StuGov chief justice, said. “If not, the two with the highest amount of first choice votes move on to a second round … so, the margin with that kind of redistribution is about 175 to 200.”

Fight To BU’s plans for the upcoming year outline the institution of a Greek life representative, continuing regular student emails and communication.

At-large parties gain Senate representation based on the percentage of the vote they receive proportional to the eight seats available. This year, all at-large parties gained seats.

IMPACT BU, or the Intersection of Marginalized Peoples Task Force, gained three seats. Elected to two seats last year, the committee created the LGBTQIA+ Student Task Force, whose report sparked the creation of an LGBTQIA Student Center.

The Community Action Party, created to represent student organizations that focus on inner and outer community work, also continued their presence in StuGov from 2023, earning 14.31% of the vote and one Senate seat.

Two at-large parties ran for the first time this year, with each earning two seats: BUnited and Terriers United.

BUnited, whose platform focuses on better career and mental health resources, empowering international students, diversifying food options in dining halls and classroom DEI training, earned 30.91% of the vote.

“We’re excited to fight for international students on BU campus,” Nhan Ton, a freshman in CAS and the party leader of BUnited, said.

Terriers United, who focused on transparency, economic equality and effective policy, gained 29.5% of the vote.

The executive board will begin work for the next year over the summer.


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