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Campus Crime Logs: September 20-25

The following reports were taken from the Boston University Police Department’s crime logs from Sept. 20-25.

Boston University Police Department cars in front of their headquarters. This week’s crime logs include a report of the club hockey coach allegedly striking a player, trespassing, harassment, a well being check and more. ANDREW BURKE-STEVENSON/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER

Trespass at 850 Commonwealth Ave

BUPD assisted a business owner at the location on Sept. 20 at 8:33 p.m., as the party was refusing to leave. The party also shouted racial slurs at the officer. Brookline Police were also notified.

Suspicious Vehicle at 925 Commonwealth Ave Fl P2

BUPD was called on Sept. 21 at 8:41 p.m. regarding an unoccupied vehicle with an open door in the garage at the address. BUPD checked on the vehicle and found nothing amiss. They contacted the vehicle owner.

Any other crime at 285 Babcock St

At 11:53 a.m. on Sept. 20, parents of a BU student called BUPD regarding their son, who plays club hockey, reporting he was struck by the coach. The parents wanted to see the camera footage but BUPD advised the parents of the child to file a police report. The parents did not want to file a police report. BUPD transferred the caller to the detective unit for more camera footage information.

Non Emergency Medical Call at 610 Beacon St

BUPD received a dropped call from a Blue-light at the location on Sept. 22 at 1:16 a.m. The party stated that they were having panic attacks and foot pain. Armstrong EMS was notified and transported one non-affiliated party to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Well Being Check at 39 Buswell St

On Sept. 23 at 2:08 a.m., BUPD was called about a domestic disturbance at the address. The caller reported that a male was dragging a female along the street outside of the Domino’s on Park Drive.

The BUPD searched the surroundings and found an individual matching the given description of an Asian male wearing white shirt and ripped jeans, with a female at the above location. EMS was on the scene after being notified.

Intoxicated Party at 512 Beacon St

Security at the location was called regarding an intoxicated male student in the lobby. Armstrong EMS was notified, and Boston EMS arrived at the scene. After evaluation by Boston EMS, the male student was cleared to return to the room. This incident occurred on Sept. 24 at 3:09 a.m.

Medical at Warren Towers, 700 Commonwealth Ave

A Warren towers residential assistant called BUPD at 3:37 a.m. on Sept. 24 about a party at the address that was not feeling well. Armstrong EMS was notified about this incident. The affiliate was transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Domestic Disturbance at 808 Commonwealth Ave

A BUPD officer stated that he noticed a verbal dispute between male and female outside the location on Sept. 24 at 12:42 p.m. The officer had a conversation with the two parties separately. It was just a verbal disagreement between the two while they waited for Uber to pick them up.

Non-Emergency Medical Call at 278 Babcock St

BUPD was called on Sept. 24 at 12:53 p.m. regarding a party at the address that was struck by a ball and was bleeding from the head. Armstrong EMS was notified and Boston EMS arrived at the scene.

Harassment at 610 Beacon St

At 12:26 p.m. on Sept. 25, a BU affiliate said that she was harassed by two individuals the night prior. The affiliate said the individuals wanted to take pictures of her, asked for all of her information and would not leave her alone.

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  1. The incident at Walter Brown was not a BU club hockey player/coach. This was a youth hockey team that rents ice at Walter Brown.