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LETTER: A plea for safety

I have a daughter who is in her second year at BU and is terrified by the recent string of attacks in and around the campus. Whatever you are doing to prevent these attacks is obviously not working and I implore you to seek assistance in confronting this serious problem.

I feel helpless 3,000 miles away in California and wish I could do something more to help. I have spent 30 years teaching in the inner-city of Los Angeles and know keenly how difficult it is for a student to learn when they don’t feel safe.

I have tried my best to reassure her that she will be ok, to stay to the busy streets, and keep a watchful eye but I would like to feel that BU, rather than just wringing it’s hands, has a plan, a task force, a something, to bring a stop to this violence. Whoever you have been working with on this problem are clearly not the right people. It’s time to seek and employ a new strategy. Immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Michael Monagan

CAS ‘74

[email protected]

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