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OP-ED: In response to “Trump is bad, Cruz is terrifying”

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Thank you for your thoughtful and well-written essay. I respond with respect. So Ms. Gamades, when an American now expresses middle-of-the-road, down-the-center American values, you consider him extreme.

Let’s flush that out. Mr. Cruz cares tremendously about your liberty, Ms. Gamades. And liberty is the lifeblood of a good and dignified life. He wants you to have maximum freedom in life to do as you wish and spend the great majority of your hard-earned money as you see fit. He wants you to decide what healthcare you want, how you wish to save money for retirement, which schools you send your kids to, what cars you drive, what energy you choose to use, how you decide to run your business and on and on.

Mr. Cruz wants to bring government back to its appropriate role in your life, namely far in the background. He finds it abhorrent that our government has left all constitutional constraints and is now leviathan-sized. He finds abhorrent that we have created a fourth branch of government called the administrative state, a branch that illegally spits out laws you must follow every day. Together, the state and this fourth branch are armed with millions of pages of laws governing every part of your life.

Mr. Cruz was there on the Senate floor filibustering for your freedom, Ms. Gamades. Medicine is now almost completely government-run. He filibustered to say no to this leftism and soft tyranny.

He was there to say, “Ms. Gamades gets to decide where, when, with whom and how much medical care she gets.” The government should not be deciding these things for her. He was there to say “no” to crony capitalism where big health insurance and drug companies collude with government for special favors. And because he does this and wishes to give you back your freedom, you call him extreme.

I say this very respectfully, but what is extreme, Ms. Gamades, is the leftist values you embrace. These are ways out — several standard deviations beyond the mean. These are not American values. The values of leftism are terribly harming our country.

These are the values that say the state should be large and the citizen small. These are the values that say our Constitution is outmoded, and instead we should be ruled by a pen and a phone. These are the values that attack our private property rights and coerce us to hand over huge amounts of our money and power to the enlightened ones in D.C.

These are the values that are plundering your future under trillions of dollars of debt you will have to pay back. These are the values that are crushing free market capitalism and leaving more than 90 million Americans out of work. These are the values that are handing you almost bankrupt leftist programs like Social Security and Medicare. These are the values that don’t see a moral purpose for America in the world, withdraw from Iraq and consequently unleash massive amounts of barbarity from Islamo-fascists. This is what you should be terrified of Ms. Gamades, not middle of-the-road Ted Cruz.

Take a few minutes to listen to some of the great five-minute middle-of-the-road American values at Prager University. Maybe you’ll come around a bit from the extreme land of the left. Read Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny.”


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Howard Sachs, [email protected]

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