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East to West: September 21, 2020

Good morning! This episode of East to West covers the inconsistency of compliance badge requirements in classrooms, delays at campus mailrooms, an unusual Massachusetts fire season, and more.

FEATURING: Justin Tang, Edward Sturm, Sarah Wager, Jackson Machesky

WRITTEN BY: Justin Tang, Edward Sturm, Sarah Wager, Michelle Tian, Mia Parker, Nellie Maloney, Katrina Liu, Jackson Machesky

EDITED BY: Justin Tang

BASED ON DFP PIECES BY: Zach Murray, Melissa Ellin, Nick Kolev, Aaron Velasco, Nathan Lederman, Madison Mercado, Allison Pirog, James Paleologopoulos, Jacob Nesson, Molly Farrar

MUSIC: “Acid Trumpet” by Kevin Macleod, “Backbay Lounge” by Kevin Macleod, “Ultralounge” by Kevin Macleod

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